Peach Prime Consultancy

Peach Prime Consultancy stands out in providing exemplary services tailored for Museums & Exhibits. We specialize in crafting imaginative solutions that not only captivate audiences but also infuse narratives with vibrant life. Our wealth of experience in designing and executing theme-based galleries and exhibits for museums is complemented by our expertise in concept generation, project planning, execution, and facilities management.

Our Approach: 

To See: We create visually stunning exhibits and attractions that engage visitors and effectively convey the intended message.

To Feel: Our designs immerse visitors in experiences that evoke emotions and leave indelible memories.

To Hear: We incorporate audiovisual elements and storytelling techniques to enrich the auditory experience for visitors.

Design and Development: Working closely with design agencies, we transform conceptual ideas into detailed designs and specifications. Our team expertly develops content and executes attractions, artifacts, exhibits, equipment, and simulation systems to meet design agency requirements.

Exhibit Design: With a track record of over 400 Museum Exhibits, including Static, Dynamic, Interactive, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more, we have the expertise to bring diverse visions to life.

Graphic Panel Design: Our team designs infographic panels and visual displays to attract visitors, curating AV content to enhance the exhibit’s impact. We seamlessly integrate interactive elements such as touch screens, motion sensors, and interactive displays to create engaging experiences that encourage visitor participation and exploration.

Periodic Maintenance and Facilities Management: We ensure the continued excellence of your facility through regular maintenance and repainting of interiors, exteriors, and exhibits.

Committed to delivering exceptional museum and exhibit experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain audiences, Peach Prime Consultancy invites you to explore how we can transform your museum project into an unforgettable reality. Contact us today.

Museums & Exhibits - Peach Prime Consultancy Services


  • Concept Design
  • Exhibit Design 
  • Static Exhibits
  • Dynamic Exhibits
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Immersive Exhibits
  • Kinetic Exhibits
  • Infographic Panel Design
  • Content Creating


  • Science Museum, Rajkot 
  • Experience Centers
  • Robotics Museum,  Ahmedabad 
  • Astronomy & Space Science Museum
  • Dinosaur Park, Vadodara
  • Theme based Glow Garden, Ajwa 
  • Indoor Interactive Game Center
  • Multimedia Show, Ahmedabad