Peach Prime Consultancy

Our expertise extends from concept creation to finalization and documentation, ensuring that every aspect of your Musical Fountain Show is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Our Approach:

Concept Creation: We ideate and conceptualize fountain design ideas based on location, theme, audience demographics, and desired atmosphere.

Design Development: We craft preliminary sketches, renderings, and concept drawings to visualize the layout, choreography, and aesthetic elements of the musical fountain.

Technical Assessment: We conduct technical assessments of the site, including hydraulic engineering, water supply, electrical infrastructure, and safety requirements. We collaborate with specialists in fountain technology, lighting design, audio engineering, and multimedia production to integrate complex features and achieve desired effects.

Integration of Fountain Patterns and Special Effects: We incorporate a diverse range of fountain patterns, special effects, and multimedia elements to enhance visual impact and entertainment value.

Main Elements of Musical Fountain:

Air Shooter: Vertical jets of air that propel water upwards, creating dynamic fountain effects.

2D Nozzles: Traditional fountain nozzles emitting water in two-dimensional patterns.

3D Nozzles: Advanced nozzles projecting water in three-dimensional shapes.

Water Screen: Transparent screen of water onto which images and projections can be displayed.

Fire Ball: Fire effects incorporated into the fountain design for added drama and excitement.

Fire on Water: Controlled flames ignited on the water’s surface, creating mesmerizing reflections.

Special Effects: Additional elements like mist, fog, laser beams, and dry ice to enhance ambiance and atmosphere.

With Peach Prime Consultancy, your musical fountain will dazzle audiences with synchronized water, light, and sound performances, showcasing a stunning array of fountain patterns and special effects.

Musical Fountains - Peach Prime Consultancy Services


  • Pre-study
  • Master Planning
  • Attraction Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Theming Tender Packages
  • Zoo Design & Master Planning
  • Visitor Flow Studies .
  • Capacity Calculaitons


  • Theming of Zones, Rides & Atraction
  • Theming Of Restuartants , Shops , kiosks
  • Theming of shows & parades
  • Theming of Reatil & Restuartants
  • Signange & Wayfinding
  • Themed Landscaping