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We specialize in crafting captivating and exhilarating snow park designs that cater to the desires of winter enthusiasts of all ages. Our expertise lies in conceptualizing, designing, and executing snow parks that offer unforgettable experiences for visitors. From the initial concept design to the final execution, we meticulously guide our clients through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and successful project.

Our Process:

Concept Design of Snow Park Activities: We collaborate with clients to understand their vision and goals for the snow park. We brainstorm and conceptualize a diverse range of snow activities tailored to the target audience. We then present comprehensive concept designs that outline the layout and features of the snow park activities.

Architecture and HVAC Layout: We develop detailed architectural plans and HVAC layouts to optimize space utilization and ensure efficient operation. We incorporate cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and enhance visitor comfort. Additionally, we conduct thorough feasibility studies and risk assessments to mitigate potential challenges and ensure regulatory compliance.

Selection of Various Activities: We curate a diverse selection of snow activities that cater to different interests and skill levels. We source top-quality equipment and materials to ensure safety, durability, and optimal performance. Moreover, we collaborate with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers to provide clients with the latest innovations in snow park equipment and amenities.

Activities for Snow Park:

Snow Tubing: Slide down snow-covered slopes in inflatable tubes.

Snowboarding: Carve through fresh powder on a snowboard.

Snowball Fights: Have fun with friendly snowball battles in designated play areas.

Snow Sculpture Building: Get creative and build snow sculptures using molds and tools.

Ice Skating: Glide across frozen surfaces on ice skates, enjoying the winter air.

Snowshoeing: Explore scenic trails on snowshoes, immersed in the winter landscape.

Snow Slides: Experience the excitement of sliding down snow slides and ramps.

Igloo Building: Learn to construct cozy shelters from packed snow blocks.

At Peach Prime Consultancy, we are committed to delivering exceptional snow park designs that captivate, inspire, and delight. Contact us today to bring your snow park vision to life!

Snow Parks - Peach Prime Consultancy Services


  • Concept Design
  • Master Planning
  • Attraction Planning
  • HVAC Design
  • Snow activities Selections
  • Visitor Flow Studies
  • Capacity Calculations


  • Theming of Zones, Rides
  • Theming of Selfie Points
  • Theming of Attractions
  • Theming Of Restaurants, kiosks
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Themed Landscaping