Peach Prime Consultancy

Delve into a realm of aquatic thrills with Peach Prime Consultancy’s Water Park Design services. We are experts in crafting vibrant water parks that offer exhilarating experiences for visitors of all ages.

Our Process:

Concept Design of Water Park Activities: From heart-pounding body slides to winding tube rides, we brainstorm and conceptualize a wide array of water park activities to cater to every preference.

Wave Pool: Experience the perfect waves with our meticulously designed wave pool, providing endless fun for visitors of all ages.

Lazy River: Relax and unwind as you float down our meticulously crafted lazy river, offering tranquility amidst the excitement.

Aquatic Theme-Based Play Structure: Ignite imagination and exploration with themed play structures featuring interactive elements and water features.

Interactive Dry Fountain: Delight visitors with our interactive dry fountain, blending light, sound, and water effects for an enchanting experience.

Architecture Layout: We develop detailed architectural and landscape layouts that optimize space utilization and flow within the water park. Our designs include iconic towers, slides, and attractions as focal points, ensuring a visually stunning and cohesive layout.

3D Rendering: Transforming 2D drawings into realistic 3D renders, we provide clients with a vivid visualization of the water park design. Our advanced rendering techniques showcase the layout, attractions, and landscaping features in lifelike detail.

Selection of Water Slides: We evaluate the geographical features of the site to determine the most suitable water slides and attractions. Working closely with clients, we select slides that align with their budget and vision, ensuring an optimal balance of excitement and affordability.

We are dedicated to creating water parks that inspire joy and excitement for all who visit. Contact us today to begin your aquatic adventure.

Water Park - Peach Prime Consultancy Services


  • Pre-study
  • Master Planning
  • Attraction Planning
  • Concept Design
  • Visitor Flow Studies .
  • Capacity Calculation


  • Theming of Zones, Rides & Atraction
  • Theming Of Restuartants , Shops , kiosks
  • Theming of shows & parades
  • Theming of Reatil & Restuartants
  • Signange & Wayfinding
  • Themed Landscaping