Peach Prime Consultancy


Mermaid Wall

Discover the magic of Peach Prime Consultancy’s project, the “Mermaid Wall.” Explore the beauty of this stunning creation as we reveal the story behind its conception and creation:

Concept Generation: The idea for the “Mermaid Wall” was born from the vision of incorporating small fish elements to form the shape of one magnificent, larger fish. A mermaid figure was strategically integrated into the sculpture, completing the outline of the grand fish.

Design and Production: Using advanced CNC cutting technology, our team meticulously crafted each component of the sculpture to perfection, ensuring precise alignment and cohesion. Every detail was meticulously designed to evoke the enchanting allure of the underwater world.

Installation: With careful planning and execution, the “Mermaid Wall” was expertly installed, bringing the captivating vision to life in its designated space. The culmination of artistic vision and technical expertise resulted in a breathtaking masterpiece that mesmerizes all who behold it

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